Probiotic Drink

Probiotic DrinkProbiotic Drink

The country’s first probiotic drink was produced by a group of researchers at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences.

“A probiotic drink is a soft drink that has benefits as opposed to other soft drinks that pose health risks,” said Dr. Ehsan Sadeqi, project leader and nutrition teaching assistant at the university, Fararu news website reported.

The benefits offered by this drink are threefold; they are 20% less sweetened with sugar, have no additives, and contain probiotic microorganisms that act as immune system boosters.

The drink will be mass-produced by soft drink producer, Rooznoosh Adineh Company located in Kermanshah Province.

Sadeqi stressed that after water, traditional Iranian drink ‘doogh’ (or ayran - a cold yogurt beverage mixed with salt) is the healthiest choice, but “if there is a craving for a soft drink, probiotic drinks are recommended.”