World Rare Disease Day

World Rare Disease DayWorld Rare Disease Day

On the occasion of World Rare Disease Day, February 29, a convention will be held in Tehran. “Genetic issues and medical diagnosis are two main areas of focus at the confab,” said Dr. Ali Davoudian, director of the Iranian Rare Disease Foundation (IRDF). Rare Disease Day is observed on the last day of February each year. Its main objective is to raise awareness among the general public and decision-makers about rare diseases and their impact on patients’ lives. Rare disease is characterized by an incidence of one to five in every 10,000. About 85% of rare diseases have genetic causes. So far, 20,000 genetic disorders have been identified in the world, out of which 6,000 are classified as rare diseases, and 58 of them are registered in Iran. Officials from the Health Ministry, Tehran City Council, Tehran Municipality, scientists, researchers, physicians, philanthropists, and families of those suffering from rare diseases will attend the convention, IRNA reported.