Prof Samii: Iran Can Be Among Top Neurological Hubs

Prof Samii: Iran Can Be Among Top Neurological HubsProf Samii: Iran Can Be Among Top Neurological Hubs

Internationally-acclaimed neurosurgeon Professor Majid Samii said Iran will become one of the best places for treatment of brain and neurological diseases in the next decade.

The research center on neurosurgery and brain studies which he is constructing in Shahid Baqeri, District 22 in Tehran, will be completed soon.

“Iran will turn into a world-class hub in all areas relating to neurology and brain disease with patients from overseas coming from advanced treatment,” the German-based surgeon said.

Samii said he has invited the best specialists from all over the world to cooperate with the research center, he told IRNA in Belgrade.

The world renowned Iranian neurosurgeon was conferred the ‘Golden Medal of Merit’ from Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on Monday, at a ceremony on Serbia’s National Day. The Serbian leader honored 66 personalities and institutions with medals of merit.

The Golden Medal of Merit is annually awarded to scientists active in cultural, scientific, technical, and other fields.

Nikolic lauded Samii for his scientific achievements and long-term cooperation with Serbia.

Samii has worked with hospitals and medical centers in Serbia in the field of neurosurgery for 25 years.

Prof. Samii has received several prestigious national and international awards, honors and medals, including the Golden Neuron Award and Leibniz Ring Prize in 2014, as well as the Friendship Award of China.

He is the president of the International Society for Neurosurgery and was elected as the founding president of the Congress of International Neurosurgeons (MASCIN) in 2003.