14 New Drugs Unveiled

14 New Drugs Unveiled14 New Drugs Unveiled

Fourteen new drugs for treatment of anemia, diabetes, bacterial and fungal infections and oral diseases were unveiled at Darou Pakhsh Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company, affiliated to the Social Security Organization (SSO) in Qods city (formerly Qal‘eh-ye Hasan Khan), Tehran Province.

Minister of cooperatives, labor and social welfare, Ali Rabiee and SSO managing director Seyed Taqi Nourbakhsh were present.

“The drugs, Levofloxacin vials, Dentacaine and Pivacaine dental cartridges, Hydroclide regular insulin in cartridges, Fluconazole vials, Iron Sucrose, Barium Sulfate, injectable acetaminophen, Articaine and Mepivacaine, two types of insulin, and Tacrolimus (medication for transplant patient side effects) will be launched in the market soon,” IRNA reported.

The cost of most of the domestically produced drugs is 50% less than their imported counterparts.