Modern Mobile Blood Transfusion Units Launched

Modern Mobile Blood Transfusion Units LaunchedModern Mobile Blood Transfusion Units Launched

The managing director of the Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) announced the launching of eight modern mobile blood transfusion units in different provinces of the country, at the Passive Defense Convention.

Aliakbar Pourfathollah explained the dominant features of the new mobile units as compared to the existing models, reports Mehr news agency.

The modern blood transfusion trucks have eight beds each and eight times greater capacity for daily blood storage and processing, in addition to power generator units and a 5000 liter water tank, he said.

“So far the mobile blood transfusion units have been based in eight different provinces to serve as relief centers and supply blood in times of crises and natural disasters. In normal times they will serve as blood donation centers,” he said.


Announcing codification of the National Disaster Management Guidelines by IBTO, Pourfathollah said a crisis management system has been developed and communicated throughout the country. He also said certain provinces have been identified for implementing the system.

Pourfathollah further said a database of people with ‘O’ blood group has been compiled “as another measure in crisis preparedness.” Individuals with ‘O’ negative blood are considered universal donors and “have a greater moral and social responsibility during natural disasters,” he said.

Therefore identifying these individuals can ensure sufficient supply of this rare blood group at all times.