Teachers to Be Refreshed

Teachers to Be RefreshedTeachers to Be Refreshed

Stating that teachers should not merely rely on academic textbooks, Mohyedin Bahram Mohammadian deputy to the education minister announced that teachers “will be provided with educational packages that include teacher’s guides, student’s activities, CDs, and educational films.”

 In a meeting between the executives of the education, research, and planning organization and the heads of the districts in Tehran, the official said that the new approach for the national curricula requires teachers to distinguish what supplementary materials are needed and can be used aside from course books, ISNA reported.

Educational contexts should not be limited to classrooms and evaluation must also be diversified, therefore, projects and aptitude tests should be introduced into the curricula, the official stressed.  

 New Vision

 The deputy minster added that the new vision introduced in the national education program requires teachers to be good researchers, planners, educational leaders, and problem solvers. It is therefore necessary to classify teachers according to their versatility and skills.    

The national education program also addresses school principals. Principals are naturally looked upon as resource and support providers. A qualified principal should be a good leader and in case of need, even supervise a class.

According to the fundamental reform bill in education, the education, research, and planning organization is required to revise the contents of academic curricula. “On the other hand, and in line with the programs, we also hope to inspire students do some soul searching and eventually better their way of life,” the official said.v