Bus Route Maps in Braille

Bus Route Maps in BrailleBus Route Maps in Braille

The first Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) line in Tehran will be equipped with route maps in Braille at its stops by the end of the week, said Peyman Sanandaji, managing director of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company.

“The designing of the route maps has been completed for BRT Line 1, and they will soon be available at every bus stop along the route,” he said, reported.

Use of Braille timetables and raised letter signage for route maps are common in many developed countries.

Line 1 stretches from the iconic Azadi Square to Khavaran Terminal in the west of the city, passing through the main junctions and squares in the downtown areas.

“Just like the subways, BRT stops will also be equipped with audio systems to assist the visually-impaired to alight at the stops.”