Free Health Services to Zimbabweans

Free Health Services to ZimbabweansFree Health Services to Zimbabweans

Iran on Thursday provided free medical services to patients in Harare as part of the commemoration ceremonies of the 37th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Dr. Mohammad Ramezani, managing director of the Iranian Clinic of the Red Crescent, said the clinic is hoping “to increase free health services to the vulnerable people in Zimbabwe.” This is in addition to healthcare being offered through a government-to-government partnership between the two countries, reported Services include free body mass index check, blood pressure check, blood sugar test, HIV testing, HIV counseling and free dental consultation, 50% discount on radiology scan services on patients above 50 years and 25% on all patients. Ramezani said the clinic had been providing affordable health services for the past 14 years and last year they held six health camps providing treatment to 16,250 patients.