Research in Breast Cancer Treatment

Research in Breast Cancer TreatmentResearch in Breast Cancer Treatment

Researchers at Islamic Azad University have developed bioadaptive polymers modified with iron nanoparticles that help treat breast cancer with the least damage to unaffected tissues. Chemotherapy is the main treatment for cancer. However, it has huge side-effects as evident in hair loss, skin lesions, etc. which adversely affects the physical as well as mental disposition of the patients.

“The complications in treating cancer have led researchers to diversify the methods of drug delivery to target the malignant tissues and prevent side-effects in unaffected tissues,” said Hamid Hashemi Moghaddam, head of the research team, Mehr News Agency reported.

“Targeted delivery, however, incurs huge expenses; the present research has synthesized a highly applied nanoparticle which is cheap, environment-friendly, and bioadaptive in the composition of an anti-cancer drug delivery system,” he said.