7 Climbers Rescued

7 Climbers Rescued7 Climbers Rescued

Seven mountain climbers who had gone missing for two days were found and rescued by the Iranian Red Crescent Society’s rescue teams. The climbers went missing on January 29 while exiting the Amjak Cave in Amjak Mountains, Markazi Province, in central Iran and was reported to the IRCS emergency center at 10 pm, IRNA reported. “The mountaineers lost their way back in the darkness and lack of familiarity with the area, and were stranded in the cold,” said Hussein Jamal, head of the provincial IRCS office. The climbers were located and rescued after a six-hour search and rescue operation. Two of them suffering from frostbite, hypothermia, weakness, and lethargy were taken to the nearest medical center. The other five were given emergency shelter.