Family Screening Project

Family Screening ProjectFamily Screening Project

The social pathology group at the research department of the Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research, affiliated to the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, is conducting a nationwide screening program that will gather and classify information for use in all fields of humanities.

The ‘National Household Screening Scheme’ is primarily focused on various indices relating to the institution of the family. It studies changes in the structure of the family, including joint and nuclear systems, and social harm threatening households today, reports the online portal of the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs.

“A part of the content for the project is ready, and the policy-making council has met regularly to discuss the data collected,” said Marzieh Ebrahimi, project manager. The project will be repeated every three years, to study and analyze indicators such as criteria for selection of spouse, violence in families, child abuse, and family power structures.

A large number of state bodies including the Judiciary, the General Culture Council of Iran, the cultural and social department at the Ministry of Science and Technology, family and population department at the Health Ministry, and the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs, have supported the scheme as it will provide accurate and tangible information of the most important factors contributing to social harm, and will go a long way in advancing social pathology.

The results of the study will be provided to universities and research institutions  across the country.