Modernizing Healthcare

Modernizing Healthcare
Modernizing Healthcare

Iran is seeking foreign investment in hospital construction projects, in particular ‘mega hospitals’, said Mohammad Aqajani, deputy minister of health.

“We also welcome foreign investors in the production of medical equipment including imaging devices, by which we can meet not only domestic demand but also offer health tourism to people from regional countries,” he told a Chinese media delegation during their visit to the office of the Persian language newspaper ‘Iran.’

“Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit (last weekend) to Iran will have a positive impact on the two countries’ relations in the field of health cooperation.”  

The Health Ministry has plans to construct 50 modern cancer clinics and Chinese firms can invest in the projects, Aghajani said, the newspaper reported.

He pointed to government approval for launching 250 new polyclinics across the country, as part of the ministry’s objectives to facilitate affordable medical care.

There are already 600 state-run polyclinics functioning in underprivileged and remote areas across the country.

The part-time work contracts of 10,000 personnel, including medical specialists currently working in the clinics will be upgraded to full-time. Their emoluments will increase and higher perks will be given, he said.

At present, there are 6,000 medical specialists working in the deprived areas.

Last May the Health Ministry revised salaries of general physicians (GPs) working at the remote regions from the prevailing slab of $600-$1500 to $4500-$5000 per month (thrice the salary of doctors in the capital), in a move to address the inequitable distribution of physicians in the country.

The ministry has also provided support to infertile couples and there are plans to set up infertility treatment centers in all medical universities which will offer low-cost treatment services.