‘Nazri’ Food Centers to be Monitored

‘Nazri’ Food Centers to be Monitored‘Nazri’ Food Centers to be Monitored

Occupational health and safety deputy at the ministry of health said the monitoring of centers for votive (Nazri) food preparation at mosques, mourning tents, etc will be intensified during the month of Muharram.

Reza Gholami told ISNA that the health guidelines are usually issued one month before the start of Muharram by medical universities across the country. He said health ministry inspectors hold face-to-face meetings with the head of mourning processions and educate them in matters of hygiene and public health.

He emphasized the importance of using plant-based containers for the distribution of hot or oily dishes as well as high acidic foods. ‘’ If the food is hot, fatty or sour, biodegradable dishes must be used,’’ he said. But he added ‘’disposable aluminum dishes’’ can also be used as a second option.


Gholami noted that for hot drinks such as tea or milk, only aluminum or eco-friendly disposable cups must be used and said any other container would be ‘’ unsafe’’ and can be harmful to people’s health.

He ruled out the use of polyethylene or paper cups for hot food and recommended that their use be limited only to fruits, vegetables and cold drinks.

He advised that ceremonial votive food (given to honor an Imam (A.S) or pray for a certain outcome) should be kept warm for consumption and said the duration for food kept in disposable containers should not exceed two hours.

He also gave some tips on cleaning vegetables and urged the food caters to observe personal hygiene and to use iodized salt in the meals.