Valuing Time More Than Money

Valuing Time More Than Money
Valuing Time More Than Money

More emphasis placed on time than earning money is linked to greater happiness, according to a study recently published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

Half a dozen studies comprising over 4,600 people were undertaken in order to attain the results. Some participants were asked questions having to do with apartment cost relative to commute length and whether graduate programs leading to a higher or lower salary with more or fewer hours was preferable, the news website ‘AOL’ reported.

A summary of the findings notes, “The researchers found an almost even split with slightly more than half of the participants stating they prioritized their time more than money.”

Neither gender nor income levels impacted the findings. However, older people were more likely than younger people to value time over money. Also, researchers noted that those living at poverty level were excluded from the study since they “may have to prioritize money to survive.”

Lead researcher Ashley Whillans, a doctoral student in social psychology at the University of British Columbia, said, “It appears that people have a stable preference for valuing their time over making more money, and prioritizing time is associated with greater happiness.”