Narcotics Seized in Yazd

Narcotics Seized in YazdNarcotics Seized in Yazd

Iran’s anti-narcotics police seized 652 kg of illicit drugs in the central province of Yazd in a joint counter-narcotics operation with Law Enforcement Forces from neighboring Kerman Province. “The operation began on Saturday morning after police was informed of the transport of a cache of drugs in the desert areas,” said provincial anti-narcotics police chief Colonel Muhammad Hussein Sotoudenia, the anti-narcotics police website reported.

According to information by the LEF, Yazd and Kerman provinces in central Iran is one of the main conduits for transit of illicit drugs by smugglers.

In recent decades, Iran has become a major drug trafficking hub, mainly because of the 900km plus border it shares with Afghanistan, which produces more than 90% of the world’s opium.