Molaverdi Visits Acid Attack Victim

Molaverdi Visits Acid Attack VictimMolaverdi Visits Acid Attack Victim

Shahindokht Molaverdi, vice-president for Women and Family Affairs visited Soheila, one of the victims of the Isfahan acid attacks hospitalized in Tehran. Molaverdi, who was deeply saddened by the victim’s plight, expressed her sympathy and said ‘’perpetrators of such crimes will be punished with the maximum penalty so that nobody dares to assault the physical and psychological security of our girls.’’ After listening to Soheila’s words, Molaverdi pledged full support for the victims and said “all government institutions are working to care for the victims and to make sure the attackers are brought to book.” A famous poem recited by Soheila, prompted Molaverdi to post it on her Facebook page: ‘’While there are red poppies here, One should live on.’’