Mehrabad Subway Junction Ready

Mehrabad Subway Junction ReadyMehrabad Subway Junction Ready

On Sunday (Jan. 10) the first train made a test journey through the Mehrabad junction in southwest Tehran. According to the PR office of Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company, the tunnel construction process and installation of electrical equipment are completed, and the 2-kilometer line with four stations is now connected to Line 4 of the Tehran Metro through Bimeh Station to the west of the capital, IRNA reported. Technical tests as part of the final safety checks before the route is opened to the public will be conducted this week. The subway network has a total of 95 stations and carries three million commuters every day. Mehrabad is home to Tehran’s international airport built in 1938 but now caters only to domestic flights. Imam Khomeini International Airport, 30 km south of Tehran, opened in 2004 and is Iran’s main international airport.