Progress in Stem Cell Research

Progress in Stem Cell ResearchProgress in Stem Cell Research

Sixty types of hard-to-treat diseases (HTDS) are treated using stem cell technology in the country, said Dr. Amirali Hamidieh, secretary of Stem Cell Research and Development Department of the Vice-Presidency of Science and Technology. “Stem cells are used to treat a number of diseases including thalassemia major, inherited immunodeficiency diseases, inherited metabolic diseases, and solid tumors,” he said during a visit to the North Research Center of Pasteur Institute of Iran in Sari, Mazandaran Province. Iran is a leading country in biomedical research. Over the past few years, Iranian researchers and physicians have been successfully performing bone marrow transplants. Iran’s stem cell research is centered at the Royan Institute for Reproductive Biomedicine, Stem Cell Biology and Technology, located in northern Tehran, Borna News Agency reported.