Centers for Innovation Development

Centers for Innovation Development Centers for Innovation Development

Two plans including the production of anti-cancer drugs and manufacturing a ceramic catalytic convertor for combustion systems proposed by professors and researchers, are in the final stages of assessment.

If approved, innovation centers for their implementation will be established across the country, said Nasim Lahimgar, secretary of the Innovation Development Center at the Office of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology.

Referring to the fund’s activities in supporting research projects, she said since launching the center “we have made every effort to avoid overlapping with other innovation centers in producing new products in accordance with domestic demand,” IRNA reported.

Innovation centers play an important role in sustainable development of fundamental knowledge which can be used for generating wealth, she said.

The global burden of cancer continues to increase largely because of the aging world population plus cancer-causing lifestyles.

“Self-reliance in producing anti-cancer drugs and cancer treatment will lessen the burden on the national health sector.”

Annually, 90,000 cases of different kinds of cancers are identified in the country. At present, there are 300,000 cancer patients undergoing treatment.