Cyber Crime Every 12 Seconds

Cyber Crime Every 12 SecondsCyber Crime Every 12 Seconds

The chief of Iran cyber police said cyber crime victimizes a person every 12 seconds around the world.

Brigadier General Kamal Hadianfard addressing the ECCO International Communications Network Conference in Tehran said expanding information technology and communications has a direct impact on relations between societies, and thanks to the United Nations, measures have been taken to coordinate research efforts in tackling cyber crime.

Seventy percent of cyber crimes in developed and 40% in developing nations are international in nature and ''this is precisely why we should cooperate in confronting such crimes,'' he said as reported by ISNA.

He said it cost the international community $113 million to fight cyber crimes in 2013 alone with criminals making $338 million from their fraudulent activities.


HadianFard said about 112 companies were targeted in 2013 by cyber criminals who launched fake tutorials 'to teach people not to fall prey to cyber crime'. He said police inefficiency in dealing with such crimes had made the web a paradise for cyber thefts. ''Iran is now a leader in the region in combating cyber crime,'' he claimed and said the country is ready to share its expertise with other nations.

He emphasized that cyber security is important for families and said with the establishment of cyber police in the country, they were able to track 65% of the crimes.

Hadianfard proposed that the Internet be governed by an international body under the supervision of the UN and pointed out that Iran is determined to fight cyber crime. He criticized US dominance of the Internet and said all countries should be assisted to confront crime in cyber space.