Aerial Hospital in Interior Design Phase

Aerial Hospital in Interior Design PhaseAerial Hospital in Interior Design Phase

The first air ambulance project by the Iranian Red Crescent Society is progressing well and undergoing interior designing phase, announced Amir Mohsen Ziaei, head of the society.

“Given Iran’s high rate of road and traffic accidents, the need and necessity for such air service was felt more than ever before,” he said, Borna News Agency reported.

The IRCS refurbished a civilian passenger plane (Airbus a300, offered by domestic airline Mahan Air) to serve as an ambulance by repurposing it into an aerial hospital  geared with medical emergency equipment.

The ambulance will be instrumental in helping patients in critical conditions that cannot be separated from a ventilator on the way to urban hospitals. It will also provide a place for routine emergency surgical procedures. The initiative will help the IRCS provide immediate relief services for the sick and injured during contingencies in rugged terrain by linking up with ground ambulance services.  The plane will undergo interior overhaul once a design has been finalized.