StatNano 2015 Rankings

StatNano 2015 RankingsStatNano 2015 Rankings

StatNano recently released the world ranking of nano-articles indexed by ISI (Information Sciences Institute, specializing in citation indexing and analysis) in 2015, with Iran in the top 20 countries.

Established in 2010 by Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC), StatNano is a gateway to the latest information and statistics in nano-based science, technology and industry. Its mission is to monitor the status of nanotechnology development and policies in the world. China, the US and India claim the top three ranks in the publication of nano-articles in 2015 with 44,493, 21,750, and 9,867 articles respectively. Iran ranks first in nanoscience generation with a global share index of 22.87%, while Moldova and Singapore follow with 22.37% and 19.34%, respectively.  A total of 1,360,520 ISI indexed articles were published in 2015, which shows a decline of 4.42% compared to 2014. The US, China and Germany published the highest number of ISI indexed articles, Mehr News Agency reported.