Education for Evin Inmates

Education for Evin InmatesEducation for Evin Inmates

Nearly 500 prisoners will complete their studies at high school and university levels while serving their terms in Evin Prison, said Rahim Yousefi, head of the prison in north Tehran. “Based on a MoU signed with the state-run Payam-e-Noor University and Iran’s University of Applied Science and Technology, the inmates will be enabled to complete academic studies during their prison terms,” he said, Mehr News Agency reported. Noting that education and cultural development is effective in reducing the level of crime in society, he said there are no limits on the academic level that prisoners may want to achieve; they can begin at primary school and continue to PhD. Theology, English, and business management are the three most popular subject choices for more than 100 of the 500 enrolled. Evin Prison is located in Evin district, northwestern Tehran, and also has a wing for political prisoners.