Bodies of 13 Hajj Victims Head Home

Bodies of 13 Hajj Victims Head HomeBodies of 13 Hajj Victims Head Home

Bodies of 13 pilgrims from among the 469 Iranians who lost their lives in the Mina stampede in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj in September, will be brought to Iran on Tuesday, said Saeed Ohadi, head of Iran Hajj and Pilgrims Organization (IHPO). He said 79 Iranians were buried in the Arab country without the permission of the families. Families of 40 of the deceased had asked the IHPO to return the mortal remains of their loved ones. So far, bodies of five victims have been returned and this week 13 others will be handed over to their respective families, IRNA reported. Ohadi also said that bodies of 22 pilgrims will be brought back after completion of the administrative formalities. “Three victims still remain missing,” he said. At least 3,000 pilgrims of different nationalities died in the stampede, during a ritual in Mina, close to the holy city of Mecca.