Shorter Conscription for PhD Holders

Shorter Conscription for PhD HoldersShorter Conscription for PhD Holders

Under a new scheme, mandatory military service will be reduced by 6 to 10 months for draftees who present their doctoral dissertation in judicial and legal areas pertaining to the armed forces, said Mohammad Kazem Bahrami, deputy head of the Judicial Organization of the Armed Forces.

“A list of 100 relevant research topics has been compiled in cooperation with the Judiciary which could be helpful to the draftees,” he said, Mehr News Agency reported.

The theses could be further used by relevant institutions to acquire important data that can help in crime prevention, he said.

Iran has a mandatory military service for men starting at the age of 18. There is a 24-month military service for general, 22 months for destitute areas and 20 months in the border regions. The first two months are normally for military education and training in the barracks.