Fighting NCDs

Fighting NCDsFighting NCDs

Iran is one of 10 countries that have shown progress in fighting non-communicable disease as announced by the World Health Organization, said Ali Akbar Sayyari, deputy health minister.

“Iran has made the list of world’s top 10 countries showing great progress in fighting NCDs after it devised a national document on NCDs which was unveiled in July,” he said, IRNA reported.

The WHO launched a monitoring program using 10 indicators this year to evaluate progress and announce results at the high-level UN NCD meeting in 2018. Brazil, Costa Rica and Chili were the top three countries on the WHO’s scorecard, followed by Iran, the UK and Columbia.

The United Nations’ newly adopted 17 sustainable development goals included, for the first time, the promotion of health and well-being across the world to reduce preventable deaths by one-third by 2030.