Easterners Prefer Health, West Seeks Love

Easterners Prefer Health, West Seeks LoveEasterners Prefer Health, West Seeks Love

The West wants love and the East prefers health, according to a new poll.  

A YouGov poll surveyed 18,235 people from 17 countries across the world and asked them to rate the importance of love, health, money and spiritual progress, the Independent reported.

By combining the percentage of residents from each country who want (for example) better health with that of the percentage of those who place health as their top priority, YouGov extrapolated the average scores for “western” and “eastern” countries.

While love topped the survey of western nations, in second place was better health with money coming in third.

In comparison, eastern nations – including China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the UAE and Saudi Arabia – placed better health at the top, with love coming in seventh place. Second was money with family as the third priority.

Respondents were asked to rate 12 key areas of their lives and rate each one. The criteria were: love, better health, money, family, free time, their own home, spirituality, career success, creative fulfillment, moral virtue, physical beauty and power.