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Top Pharma ProducerTop Pharma Producer

Iran has taken major strides in the pharmacy and pharmaceutical sector in recent years, said Health Minister Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi. “Annually, 1,500 people are accepted into 12 specialized disciplines in 25 universities of pharmacy across Iran, which has created a prosperous environment for both education and production in the field,” he said at the 14th Iranian Pharmaceutical Sciences Congress and the 1st Symposium of Biopharmaceutical and Pharmacokinetics held Tuesday at Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS).

“We are still a long way from the desired state in spite of the specialized human resources available in the country,” he said, stressing that since at least eight of the TUMS academia are included in the top 1% of the world’s best scholars, the domestic pharmaceutical industry is expected to develop and advance further in the coming years, Borna News Agency reported.