Exhibition Center for Kowsar Beneficiaries

Exhibition Center for Kowsar BeneficiariesExhibition Center for Kowsar Beneficiaries

An exhibition center to present products by female breadwinners will open next March in Tehran, said Fahimeh Firouzgar, director of the Office for Empowerment of Women Breadwinners at Tehran Municipality.

“The goods on offer will all be produced by women from the Kowsar rehabilitative centers,” she said, quoted by the Persian daily ‘Shahrvand’.

Under the auspices of the TM, Kowsar centers are dedicated to supporting female-headed households by providing counseling services as well as vocational training to female breadwinners to enable them to join the national production cycle.

“Since the activities of the centers are partly cultural-economic, a part of the exhibition will be allocated to selling books,” she said, adding that the centers are planning a brandname under which all their products will be produced and sold.