Shiraz Oncology Research Center Donated to SUMS

Shiraz Oncology Research Center Donated to SUMSShiraz Oncology Research Center Donated to SUMS

The nonagenarian benefactor, Zahra Sa’adat, who had earlier constructed the Amir Oncology Hospital in Shiraz, Fars Province, has now added another feather to her charity cap. She has donated the oncology and cancer research center of the hospital to the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS).

Covering an area of 3,600 sq m and built at a cost of 300 billion rials ($8.4 million), its establishment was a big step towards providing better quality services to cancer patients in Fars and neighboring provinces in southern Iran, IRNA reported.

Sa’adat, who is in her 90s, says she has always been concerned with the hardship of cancer patients undergoing treatment and the anxiety of their families. She speaks from experience. Her own daughter, Yekta, died of cancer.

“At first, I thought of donating the premises to the Sa’adat Cultural Foundation. But the problems of cancer patients are enormous and given the necessity of updating cancer treatment knowledge and services, I decided to donate the building for cancer research,” she added.

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences is ranked as one of Iran’s top medical schools, with more than 9000 students studying in over 100 different fields. It is committed to excellence in research, treatment and teaching. The performance of sophisticated and advanced services such as bone marrow, heart and kidney transplant has proved the high standards of this center of higher learning.

Head of the university, Mohammad Hadi Imaniyeh, said the center would further enhance cancer research.

The university will provide 20 billion rials (over $555,000) to further equip the research center and it will be fully operational by mid-2016.

He pointed to the insufficient facilities at the cancer ward of Namazi Hospital affiliated to SUMS, adding that cancer treatment requires special conditions.

The Oncology and Cancer Center of Amir Hospital started its activities in 2009 and has provided patients with “satisfactory services and treatment.”

In Iran, 80,000 people are diagnosed with cancer annually, 7,000 of whom live in southern Fars Province. Cancer is the 3rd leading cause of death in the country and it takes the lives of 30,000 people annually, 14% of the total deaths.

Globally, every year 10 million people die of cancer - 12% of the total death rate. Of this figure, 4.7 million live in the developed world and the rest in developing countries.