Swine Flu Waning

Swine Flu WaningSwine Flu Waning

The first wave of swine flu that affected some provinces in Iran early this month will end in three weeks, said Mohammad Nabavi, director of the Center for Communicable Diseases at the Health Ministry. “Roughly 1,100 patients were diagnosed as having contracted the virus and were admitted to hospitals, while 60 lost their lives over the past three weeks,” he said, IRNA reported. A sample of the virus was sent to the World Health Organization and was confirmed as seasonal H1N1, and not a new variety of the swine flu virus. Every year, the first wave of influenza ends within a week in small towns, and two or three weeks in the bigger cities. The virus is common during the cold seasons, and the fatalities have not been abnormally high compared to previous years. The fatality rate of flu is around 4.5% at the highest, officials say.