Entrepreneurship Function of Business-Friendly Ambiance

Entrepreneurship Function of Business-Friendly AmbianceEntrepreneurship Function of Business-Friendly Ambiance

Entrepreneurship has its own demands and requisites while the growth and expansion of this trait is subject largely to an atmosphere which is business-friendly and conducive to opportunities for the large numbers coming out of Iran’s centers of education, a labor official said Tuesday.

“Iran presently does not have a suitable ranking when it comes to international commerce and business. If the present ranking does not improve, education in business and related disciplines will not result in higher employment and only one out of ten people receiving a degree in entrepreneurship could actually emerge as an entrepreneur,” deputy to the Labor and Social Security Organization, Mahmoud Nesari Haqiqifard, said.

Placed under the disciplines of management and social sciences, entrepreneurship is not a discipline which can be taught via e-learning. “Thus, an entrepreneur is not the same as an employer. The capacity and aptitude to produce deeply-thought results is a prerequisite to becoming an entrepreneur.”

Social sciences rely on the exchange of multiple ideas, diverse levels of discourse, and thought. There’s hardly one predetermined answer to any question of utmost importance in the diverse fields of social sciences, IRNA quoted him as saying.

According to Haqiqifard, in most developed countries a graduate in mechanical engineering, for instance, can easily obtain a job in the public or private sector. This person also has the option to start his or her own business if they wish to and in the process become a successful entrepreneur.

The situation in Iran is “rather different…the mindset of a person in a developed country varies from that of a young Iranian hunting for a job.

Most fresh graduates in Iran just want to be employed. When the job market is saturated, the jobseeker(s) move toward entrepreneurship. It is obvious that they will face tremendous pitfalls and difficulties. Given the circumstances and dire conditions of businesses and markets, these entrepreneurs are rarely successful.”    

Singapore holds the world’s highest rank in ease of doing business, while Iran stands at 147 out of 180 countries.

For entrepreneurship to grow and flourish, the business environment must improve, he stressed. “An ideal situation is one in which people opt for entrepreneurship of their own free will, not merely because they are jobless.”