Efforts to Curb Drug Addiction

Efforts to Curb Drug AddictionEfforts to Curb Drug Addiction

Iran Drug Control Headquarters aims to reduce the number of new drug addicts by 25% under the next five-year development plan (2016-2021), says Alireza Jazini, IDCH deputy secretary general. “The plan devised by the IDCH seeks to lower the number of substance abusers that are added each year by 5% for five consecutive years once the sixth plan comes into effect,” he said, ISNA reported. Noting that it was approved in the sessions held for devising the FYDP, Jazini, however, said “its successful implementation is a herculean task.”

He stressed that the current drug control laws need to be reviewed and revised, so that the 25% drop in the number of drug addicts by 2021 can be accomplished.