New Transplant Law in Wales

New Transplant Law in WalesNew Transplant Law in Wales

Ministers have dismissed claims that changes to organ donation laws in Wales could result in bodies being “plundered for spare parts” like old cars. From December 1, a new law will mean every adult who has been a Welsh resident for more than a year will be automatically registered as an organ donor if they die there. Wales will be the first UK nation to introduce a system of presumed consent. Supporters say it will save lives as organs will be available to patients across the UK. “They’re in danger of spoiling the positive aura of the transplant process by treating bodies as if they’re cars to be plundered for spare parts,” said Joyce Robins, from Patient Concern, fearing that organs could be removed without proper consent, Sky News reported. Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford dismissed the concerns – saying 86,000 people have already opted out, compared to more than a million who have signed the Organ Donation Register under the current system.