Advancement in MEG Tech

Advancement in MEG TechAdvancement in MEG Tech

Researchers at Tehran’s Shahid Beheshti University have developed a new technology in the field of magnetoencephalography, a non-invasive technique for investigating human brain activity used in a number of medical disciplines. “Magnetoencephalgraphy based on SQUIDs (superconducting sensors) is extremely costly, but physicists and researchers have developed a new technology in the field,” said Chancellor Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi. The technology does not require a specific temperature and works just fine in room temperature as well, Borna News Agency reported. “Currently we are in the final stages of producing a Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) on par with global standards, which will then get license for industrial production,” he noted. The research project ‘SQUID-Based Magnetoencephalography’ was supported by the Cognitive Sciences and Technologies Department of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.