Disabled Number Growing

Disabled Number GrowingDisabled Number Growing

The number of disabled people in Iran is growing due to three main factors including diabetes, road accidents, and genetic disorders, said Dr. Anoushiravan Mohseni Bandpei, head of the State Welfare Organization.

“Currently, 1.2 million have some kind of disability, and nearly 300,000 others are in the process of getting registered for social benefits, indicating that there are 1.5 million physically challenged people,” he said, at a recent event on empowering the disabled via self-care and social support, IRNA reported.

Noting that the group is in dire need of specialized, educational and everyday life facilities to enable them to lead normal lives, Bandpei said 420,000 disabled people live in the remote areas without access to any basic or specialized care centers.

Negligence among diabetics and rash driving are both responsible for the growing number of amputees and the physically impaired.