Illiteracy Waning

Illiteracy WaningIlliteracy Waning

The absolute illiteracy population in the country stands at 1.3 million and in the age group 10-49, down from 3.4 million as stated in the 2011 census, said Ali Baqerzadeh, head of the Literacy Movement Organization (LMO).

“Over the past three decades, there is a shift in illiteracy patterns from rural and remote areas to slums and outlying parts of urban areas,” he said, ILNA reported. Most kids who are illiterate are working children while members of households with social problems are also susceptible to illiteracy. “We have signed an agreement with the state-owned Iran Post (postal company) to provide the LMO with mailing services at a 40% discount, in order to send books and magazines to the targeted families”, he said. The residential addresses available at Iran Post helps identify and reach out to the target groups.