“Shaad” Social Network for Students

“Shaad” Social Network for Students “Shaad” Social Network for Students

The online student social network “Shaad” (meaning ‘happy’ in Farsi) will be inaugurated by the yearend (March 20, 2016), according to Hamidreza Kaffash, deputy head of the Education Ministry’s Research and Educational Planning Organization.

“Initial phases of the social network have been conducted and it is now going through the next step of permit issuance,” he told ISNA.

The project is carried out jointly by the ministries of education and communication and information technology.

The student-only social network is planned to provide a positive, enriching environment for students where they can get familiar with cyberspace, blogging, creating electronic magazines, and being constructively active on the World Wide Web.

On his ministry’s measures to tackle cyber harm, Kaffash said, “The ministry’s policy regarding new challenges does not incorporate a maneuvering and escape tactic, but targets productive and vigorous presence in virtual space.”

Information is the key solution to prevent social ills. “Necessary information is being provided for students on a national and sub-national level so they can learn the correct way of using the Internet, and be aware of potential hazards,” he said.

“A wider aspect includes edifying educators as supervisors and regulators of the social network,” he noted.

The deputy minister also underscored the importance of educating families on related subjects, a task undertaken by parent-teacher associations. During session held, parents are informed of existing social challenges, both real and virtual, and are presented recommendations on how to address them. Cyber opportunities are also introduced.

There are nearly 14 million students studying at all school levels including primary, secondary, and high school across the country.