Preventing Skeletal Disorders in Students

Preventing Skeletal Disorders in Students

Disregarding the principles of seating postures will lead to deformities in the spinal cord and cause a herniated disc as well as pain in the lower back.
“As such, inappropriate desks and chairs in schools that are not compatible with the body size will result in disorders of the skeletal system,” says Muhammad Reza Shakeri, an orthopedic specialist.
Considering the number of hours every average student spends in school sitting behind a desk, seating arrangements must be standard and compatible with their body mass index (BMI) and height, he added, ISNA reported.
The spine has natural curves that form an S-shape. The spinal cord works like a coiled spring to absorb shock, maintain balance, and facilitate the full range of motion throughout the backbone.
Shakeri maintained that chairs must have footstools so that the feet are not left hanging in the air, putting pressure on the lower back. In addition, desks must have a gradient of 10-15 degrees so that the eyes are not hurt or strained to focus.
Students must not be seated continuously for more than 40 minutes. “Sitting for long durations causes spinal problems leading to further skeletal disorders.”
He also said squatting on the ground while studying harms the spinal curvature and puts pressure on the discs.


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