Water Festival in Schools

Water Festival in SchoolsWater Festival in Schools

The first Water Festival will be held in schools across the country in December, said Masoud Saqafi, spokesperson for the Education Ministry.

“The festival will focus on presenting judicious water consumption patterns to help sustain water resources for future generations,” he said, reports ILNA.

Water consumption is affected greatly by one’s culture and the ministry has spearheaded the movement to institutionalize the culture of judicious water consumption through schools. Students, parents, teachers and staff can present their ideas through paintings, photos, posters, short films, and research projects. The works should incorporate fresh ideas on how to reduce water consumption.

Iran has been struggling with a major water crisis for years due largely to unacceptably high consumption, waste and seepage, especially in the agriculture sector.

Villages in increasing numbers have been abandoned due to the crisis as entire communities hunt for habitable places where they can have access to potable and sustainable water resources.