Central Heating in Schools

Central Heating in SchoolsCentral Heating in Schools

All substandard gas-fueled heating systems in schools across the country are to be replaced with central heating systems by the end of autumn, said deputy minister of education Morteza Raeisi. “Gas heating systems are prohibited in schools as per regulations of the Engineering System and Building Control Organization, and violators will be prosecuted,” he was quoted as saying by Borna News Agency. Gas heaters need to be professionally installed and maintained by a qualified and registered serviceman. An unsafe heater can cause a fire or pollute the premises with noxious fumes. On numerous occasions, such instances in schools have occurred in remote regions and villages, resulting in fatalities. The plan to replace gas heating systems was initiated five years ago. It was not clear why the plan had not been implemented after a lapse of five years. The norm has been that whenever officials are asked by the press about delays in similar or other crucial programs, they almost always put the blame on “lack of funds.”