Work Ethics Abysmal

Work Ethics Abysmal Work Ethics Abysmal

The Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) has released a report suggesting that Iranians on average work barely 2.46 hours per day (the figure is 4.55 hours for men).

Further, they spend 12-14 hours per day on “self care,” (human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated) and only three minutes in volunteer work and charitable activities; the figure is one minute for economically inactive individuals, Alef News Agency reported.

According to the survey of Iranians aged 15 years and older, on an average, Iranians spend about 2 hours and 9 minutes on the mass media (reading newspapers/magazines, watching TV, listening to the radio) every day.

The largest use of time is on self care; the time spent on education dramatically declined over the past seven years, the SCI survey said.

Issues related to poor work ethics and quality time are a permanent dilemma in the country of 80 million people of which 50 million people were born after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Sociologists of various stripes have been quoted as always warning against the unacceptable work habits plus lack of skills, especially in state-owned organizations, that have contributed largely to low productivity in most economic sectors.

Experts demand the government rise to the occasion through education and training of Iranian children in the early years of schooling and spread the message across that hard work, honesty, dedication and motivation have rewards not lackadaisical attitudes or sloth.