Stress Can Cause Fever

Stress Can Cause FeverStress Can Cause Fever

Psychogenic fever is a stress-related psychosomatic condition that manifests itself in a high body temperature – yes, stress can cause fever. It is not really a virus infection or a serious illness, but it can happen because of too much work-related or study-related stress.

This condition is widely known by the book, but only few are focusing their study on psychogenic fevers. According to Dr. Takakazu Oka from the Kyushu University School of Medical Sciences, Japan, it is a widespread condition that transcends the bounds of culture and background, HealthAim reported.

Oka has seen a high number of patients, most of the time Japanese students, who suffer this condition. Many doctors don’t really understand how stress can affect body temperature, but several patients were diagnosed with psychogenic fever having unknown causes for the disabling symptoms.

Patients showed symptoms of high temperature, stress, and even symptoms of psychiatric diseases.

Pressure on work and school really does have an impact on the biological make up of a person. Though not virus-related, psychogenic fever can still disable the victim – just like what a normal flu can do to a person. It might be psychological in nature, but still our mental state is part of our physical structure.

There are treatment options available, but are only related to stress treatment, not specific to psychogenic fever. Oka suggests changing the term “psychogenic fever” to “functional hyperthermia.”