1.5km Walkway Planned

1.5km Walkway Planned1.5km Walkway Planned

Tehran’s proposal for a 1.5 km sidewalk construction was on the list of selected projects among 208 proposals from 48 countries at the Walk21 International Conference in Vienna last month, Mayor of Tehran District 6, Azim Babaei said.

The conference is an international event to champion the development of healthy sustainable and efficient communities where people choose to walk. Top sidewalk projects are selected at the conference held every year in a different country, the Persian-language travel journal Donyay-e-Safar reported.

Babaei said the sidewalk project is a joint endeavor between districts 3 and 6 and will be 1.5 km long, from Argentina Square in north central Tehran to the end of Hakim Highway in District 6. The project will be executed soon as 70% of the land is ready to undergo pavement work for people to walk.

He referred to the construction of vertical parking as a critical requirement for implementation of the project. The sidewalk could also be the venue for many exhibitions such as books and artworks. Parks will be built alongside the pavement.  

Through the Walk21 Conference series and the International Charter, Walk21 has a vision to create a world where people choose and are able to walk as a way to travel, to be healthy and to relax, says their website,

District 6 is one of the most important areas of Tehran which attracts thousands of people on a daily basis. Tehran’s biggest north-south junction (Vali-Asr Avenue) passes through this district.

The most important city arterial roads such as Hakim, Hemmat, Kordestan, Jalal Al Ahmad, Chamran, Gomnam, Modarres highways, Enghelab Street and North Kargar Street are located within or in the marginal part of the district.

More than 30% of city’s public and private buildings are located in District 6.