Plans to Launch Business Virtual Space for Students

Plans to Launch Business Virtual Space for Students Plans to Launch Business Virtual Space for Students

Studies have been conducted to establish a business cyber space for school students where they can present their innovations and practically learn the commercialization steps, said deputy director for secondary education at the Education Ministry, Ali Zarafshan, at a press conference at the Iranian Students Organization in Tehran on Saturday.

He pointed to the importance of entrepreneurship in the country and said: “Justice and economic development are referred to in the 20-Year Vision (2005-2025), and the key to economic development is entrepreneurship.”

Explaining the entrepreneurship plan ‘Explorer’, he said the ministry as an institution which trains future entrepreneurs has taken measures in this regard, including the ‘Explorer’ comprehensive program.

To pursue the designated goals, a leadership secretariat has been founded for the project and a working group, affiliated to the secretariat, has signed a MoU with the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran to use scientific potential of the faculty.

“The program allows students to gain business experience for when they enter the real market in future,” he noted.

Cultural Deputy at the ministry Hamidreza Kafash said, “In addition to the positive aspects of entrepreneurship in terms of training, it helps address social harm caused by unemployment.”

Kafash said the awards will be presented to innovative students in different competitions and festivals. “This way, creative students are encouraged and the awards will have a greater value for the winners as well.”

“Using vocational school students for holding seminars and conferences is another step by the ministry. There are vocational schools in Tehran today that have started entrepreneurship training and can organize a seminar or a conference without any help, which is a good experience,” he said.