Anticancer Nanodrug Exports to Syria

Anticancer Nanodrug Exports to SyriaAnticancer Nanodrug Exports to Syria

An Iranian knowledge-based company which produces an anticancer nanodrug is planning to increase exports to Syria five-fold in the current Iranian year, said company CEO Mahnaz Qomi. “Exir Nano Sina Co. has been producing the anticancer drug through nanotechnology since 2011,” she told Mehr News Agency. The company has been exporting 400 vials of SinaDoxosome (each vial is priced $275) to the war-ravaged Arab country over the past year, and the number will be increased to 2,000 vials. Iranian anticancer nanodrugs are priced 40% less than other global brands, and SinaDoxosome is considered one of the main chemotherapy drugs for patients with breast and ovarian cancer. “The nanodrug is priced at $234 in the domestic market, while the imported brand costs anywhere between $700 and $1200,” she said. Iran is the fifth country in the world that has the technology to produce the drug.