WHO Ready for Cyclone Chapala in Yemen

WHO Ready for Cyclone Chapala in YemenWHO Ready for Cyclone Chapala in Yemen

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Yemen’s Ministry of Public Health and Population are intensifying efforts for cyclone Chapala, which battered parts of the country on Tuesday. The storm made landfall not far from Mukalla, a port in the Arabian Peninsula. Images from the city and surrounding Hadramout province showed streets and vehicles submerged by torrents of muddy brown flood water. “The damage is enormous and we fear human losses,” Minister of Fisheries Fahd Kafain told AFP. In preparation for the health impact of the cyclone, WHO has delivered trauma kits for 1000 patients in Mukalla district of Hadramout. It is also providing 20,000 liters of diesel to 8 hospitals to ensure their continued functionality, as well as 2500 liters of petrol for 16 ambulances to continue providing emergency services, said Dr Ahmed Shadoul, WHO representative in Yemen.