Support for Knowledge-Based Firms

Support for Knowledge-Based Firms Support for Knowledge-Based Firms

A MoU was signed between the Education Ministry’s Department of Secondary Education and the Majlis (Parliament) Science and Technology Commission to exploit knowledge-based companies to their full potential and expand joint projects and cooperation between the two sides.

A defining aspect of the agreement is the creation and integration of innovation and entrepreneurship, Borna News Agency reported.    

The main objective will be to educate students, advance knowledge, and foster innovation in order to address critical scientific, technological and innovation challenges, and fill the gaps.

Integrated education and research will be carried out through various programs, seminars and long and short-term training programs so that students will be encouraged to participate in research throughout their academic years.

The students will be allowed to visit scientific parks and go on scientific tours and participate in competitions.

A selected panel from both sides will help foster students’ performance to ensure excellence and creativity by preparing a report every three months.

The agreement aims at creating a unique model that seeks to integrate research in education, while bridging fundamental scientific and engineering research across various disciplines and interfacing with a broader industrial and entrepreneurial ecosystem, to foster high impact research and innovation.