Face-Lift May Not Boost Self-Esteem

Face-Lift May Not Boost Self-EsteemFace-Lift May Not Boost Self-Esteem

Face-lift surgery can make you look 10 years younger, but that won’t affect much of a change in your self-esteem, a study says. Andrew Jacono from Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery, New York, and coauthors used a self-esteem scale to look at the outcome of face-lift surgery as perceived by the patient to understand the association between self-esteem and the results of aesthetic facial rejuvenation, reports IANS. The study, published in the JAMA journal, included 59 patients undergoing face-lift surgery from July through October 2013. All but two were women with an average age of 58. While patients felt they looked nearly nine years younger, overall difference between the average preoperative and postoperative self-esteem scores was not statistically significant, the authors noted.