Cyber Police Facing New Crime Patterns

Cyber Police Facing New Crime Patterns  Cyber Police Facing New Crime Patterns

Iran’s cyber police are fighting cybercrimes and cyber hackers by monitoring more than 15,000 websites since August this year.

The measure will last until September 21, 2016. So far, 70 hackers were identified, said Col. Hossein Ramezani, deputy chief of international and legal affairs of the Iranian Cyber Police (FATA), a unit of Iran Police.

New trends in cybercrime are emerging all the time, which cost the public and private organizations billions of dollars globally.

In the past, cybercrime was committed mainly by individuals or small groups. “Today, we see global criminal organizations working hand-in-glove with technology professionals to commit internet crimes, often to fund other illegal activities.”

Mafia groups are turning increasingly to the internet to facilitate criminal activities and maximize their financial gains in the shortest time. The crimes themselves are not necessarily new, such as theft, fraud, illegal gambling, sale of fake medicines, but they are evolving in line with the opportunities presented online and therefore becoming more widespread and damaging.

Ramezani pointed to protecting users’ privacy and legitimate freedom in cyberspace as one of the main objectives of the measures undertaken by FATA. “All resources will be exploited to secure cyberspace for law-abiding users,” he added.

Referring to the importance of public awareness on the risks of online networks, he asked parents to supervise their children’s online activities.

“Parents should remind children to be aware that nothing digital is private and that all their online activities will be stored somewhere permanently and could get them into unnecessary trouble.”